Carton Plast has the ability to support all the promotional products industry, customers and unparalleled competition in reaching the target market, Sheet Plast or Hollow Sheet Has the credit of producing diverse advertising products because of the characteristics of having high-quality printing and cutting, and Carton Plast Company that is equipped with machines and equipment for silk screen printing with six-color, five-color, four color printing technology (CMYK) and printing on all forms of PP Hollow Sheet has guaranteed Print quality images and texts and offers advertising tips and advice. One of the best productions of these company is standing stands that is used for advertising at stores.

You have seen many of this stand at big or small markets that is made of PP Hollow Sheet.

The stands that will persuade you at the moment of purchase.

They show a store inside another one that many considers is as PP Hollow Sheet city.

The advantage of using this products is that they are affordable and they are exposed to costumer’s sight for longer time.

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Features of Advertising Stands


  • The materials that is used in producing this product is washable.
  • Is capable of showing multi-dimensional plans.
  • It is produce due to costumer’s needs.
  • It is very light and occupies less space in transportation and storage.
  • It is not limited to a specific form.
  • It is easily assembled.

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