Iran Carton Plast | Packing Carton Boxes

Using PP Hollow boxes has created a great shift in the packaging industry because of its low weight, strength, durability, easy printing and cutting, beauty, strength and safety and it is perfect to be supplied to markets. Surly that is persuaded international and domestic companies to use PP Hollow Boxes for packing their product

Resistant to moisture, water, rain and industrial chemicals and oils and variations in the thickness and strength as well as a variety of colors have made this product perfect to use in packing.

Features of PP Hollow Boxes

  • Low weight.
  • Resistance to water and rain.
  • Acids, chemicals, detergents, industrial oils are ineffective on it.
  • Resistant to 20-80 degree temperatures.
  • It is recyclable and flameproof.
  • UV shielding and ESD prevention.
  • Confirmed by Health centers.