Building and structural sector.


The increasing department of architectural and building industry is important in sheet plastid usages as it can replace it with metal and wooden frames, repeatedly. Moreover, Carton Plast is heat proof, moisture proof and sound proof and it is used as the most beautiful and inexpensive insulator for covering walls and ceilings, industrial storehouses, warehouses , Decoration , indoor or outdoor decoration air conditioning ducts,windows and false ceiling  , partitions , greenhouses, cold stores and so on…


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Most important benefits of Formatting with pp hollow sheet:

PP sheet will not stick to the concrete like wood .1 .

2.PP sheet is waterproof, acid proof and alkali proof.

3.Reduce the execution time of formatting.

4.Carton plast does not absorb moisture of concrete so increases its strength.

5.Easy format setting.

6.Minimizes wastage close to zero in formatting operation.

7.Carton Plast is reusable.

8.Possibility of concurrent execution of columns and beams, along with material saving.

9.Ability to run lighter, safer earthquake resistant structures.

10.A considerable saving in concrete usage.

11.Reduction of labor force due to light formworks.

12.Implementation of specific and curve concrete forms are possible.

13.To procure a smooth and polished surface.

14.High flexibility and possibility to cut to different shapes by a cutter.

15.Preservation of natural resources due to replacement Plast sheet with wood.